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PayPal Donations?


According to the PayPal.com website, in order for AmericaEDU to accept donations to acquire enough money to publish the PDF into a pamphlet for the households of the estimated 217.9 million* eligible voting Americans in this country,

"all charities and non-profit organisations that utilise PayPal to accept donations are required to receive authorisation from PayPal before conducting such business. PayPal requires proof of tax exempt status or registration with applicable country specific regulatory bodies and takes certain due diligence measures to assure the legitimacy of the organisation."

Since I am in no desire to make profit off of this website (and if by some crazy reason I get more than enough donations to cover the cost of publishing), any of the remaining donation money will go to (most likely) the American Red Cross. So if you know of the way that I can obtain this registration or tax-exempt status, please let me know at acconrad at gmail dot com.

*Numbers are from the US Census Press Release and Google.com's current calculation of the US population

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“PayPal Donations?”