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Should I change the name of this website?

Friday, August 10, 2007 by Adam Conrad

A new website called Wikinvest (link here) is a DIY stock market investing site that provides information to consumers on investing in plain English. Hmm...sounds like an economic version of my site. So what do you think...should I change the name to something like Wikivote? Or maybe Wikipoll...wikipolitic? Hit up the comments and let me know what you think and how I should get on that!

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Children and U.S. Foreign Policy

by Adam Conrad

A great post by AustralianPolitics.com showcasing a satirical outlook on current U.S. Foreign Policy in a language that children can understand. At least there are some take-home points on making these topics easy to understand. Check out the post here.

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My name is Adam Conrad and I am the 21 year old Computer Science major at Brown University behind this project. My fuel for political justice and education thrives on the exceedingly degrading state of our nation, and I can only hope that I can help educate the masses on what the nation's top issues are all about.


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